How to Turn off Auto-Renew for Godaddy Auctions

I just recently got an email from my Domain provider, Godaddy, letting me know that my “auctions” membership would be auto-renewing soon at a cost of $9.99 per year. I’m not sure how I got an auctions account to begin with – maybe from bidding on/buying an expiring domain? Anyway, the Godaddy Auctions account is […]

How to Protect Your Content

There are lots of potential problems that can creep up on you if you’re not vigilant about protecting your website’s content. Trust me, I speak from experience. In this article, I’ll try to walk you through some ways that you can protect your copyrighted content. How to Copyright Website Content Step one in this process, […]

How to Cut Down on Paypal Fees

I do a good amount of buying and selling online, and one of the primary ways I pay content writers, graphic designers (and pretty much anyone who does work for us) is via Paypal.  And probably 50% of the time I’m about to send money to someone, they’ll kindly ask me if I will send […]