Tools to Replace Yahoo’s Site Explorer

With Yahoo announcing that their handy Site Explorer tool will be shut down shortly, I thought I might take a minute to mention a couple of the tools that I use when analyzing a site’s incoming links.

Really, the only paid SEO tool that I use is SEOmoz. With an SEOmoz pro account (free 30-day trial here) you get unlimited access to their OpenSiteExplorer tool, along with all of the other benefits of Pro membership. At $99/month (or $950 bill annually), it’s not exactly … cheap. If you’re serious about SEO and building your online business though, it provides a solid set of tools and (almost more importantly) an excellent community in which to learn and network.

If that’s more than you want to spend, and/or you just need link analysis tool, might be a better option. With a free account, you can do up to 15 searches per day, but there are also limits on the # of pages, backlinks, anchors, domains, etc. that you’ll be permitted to see. By upgrading to a Starter subscription ($11.99/month), you’re able to do 100 searches per day, and the limits on those other metrics are loosened quite a bit. For most webmasters, the Starter subscription will be fine.

Another option, though one I haven’t used myself, is Majestic SEO.

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